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Num Title Created Hit
644 [India] Young girls being sold in India to repay loans, says human rights body 2022-11-29 2101
643 [Turkiye] Violence against women in Turkiye continues with multiple attacks in 2 days 2022-11-29 798
642 [USA] Hundreds of Women Set to Sue New York Over Allegations of Prison Sex Abuse 2022-11-29 697
641 [India] Rise in sexual harassment cases in India's top companies shows dichotomy 2022-11-29 705
640 [Spain] Spain passes ‘only yes means yes’ sexual consent law 2022-11-29 477
639 [USA] Domestic violence in the courtroom: The legal system as a weapon in domestic violence cases 2022-11-29 515
638 [Japan] Shiori Ito: Voices of sexual assault victims are being heard at last 2022-11-29 363
637 [Iran] As Iranian women are arrested for protesting against hijabs, some make 'forced confessions,' activist says 2022-11-29 323
636 [Italy] Italy records a big increase in femicides over the past year 2022-11-29 322
635 [India] Feminists in India applaud their abortion rights ? but they don’t extend to Dalit women 2022-08-24 761
634 [China] Woman at centre of China #MeToo case vows not to give up after appeal rejected 2022-08-24 398
633 [Global] Human trafficking: ‘All-out assault’ on rights, safety and dignity, says UN chief 2022-08-24 440
632 [Afghanistan] Taliban’s ‘suffocating crackdown’ destroying lives of women and girls ? new report 2022-08-08 414
631 [Chile] 'I'd Defend Myself, Too': Chileans back abuse survivors 2022-08-08 420
630 [Bangladesh] Study: One in four women face gender-based violence in rural areas 2022-08-08 427